807 ARO - The story so far...


A group of local hams met on a casual basis at a local hostelry in Ossett on Tuesday nights back in 2010. Thinking it was prudent to form an RSGB affiliated group Ossett Amateur Radio Operators was established. However the group faded away and I was left with a society and no members.

Wishing to contest in the 80m CC events I asked locally for interested operators with no success. However on the 80m contest results list there were many operators in both the UK and Europe who had obvious interest in contesting but no affiliation to any club. I dropped them an email with an invitation to join Ossett ARO. This worked well, but in spite of us working within the rules as we climbed the ratings objections were raised by other groups about our "European" members and come the end of the year the CC changed the rules to exclude our European members from contributing to club scores.

Back to square one. Mel, G8EOP however encouraged me to take up the UKAC series in 2011, we did and managed a total of 168 points and 30th place. The top group being Bolton Wireless Club with 6000 points. A mountain to climb. This time looking for new members to take part in the UKAC I managed a small number of enthusiastic local operators including a number from Denby Dale & DARS who as a club did not take part in the UKAC. We fought our way up the ratings and in 2015 with less than 14 regular members all in 93 square we made 3rd place by only 222 points. Our first success.

2016 was the last year before the UKAC was split into General and Local groups. Realising our way forward was to increase our membership and having run out of locals I had to reach further afield and managed to double our membership. Pulling all the stops out towards the end of the year and making the most of our home brew  SHF equipment we made top spot by only 435 points. A remarkable achievement.

We had only ever two members in Ossett and as we were country wide in the General Section I felt a name change would be appropriate. Looking for a general name that was not geographical 807 was settled on. 807 the famous WW2 PA valve and being numerical placed us at the top of the submitted log entry page.

2017, again great success a total of 6000 points. 2018 top spot with 5674. In 2019 were were joined by some of our friends from Sheffield & DWS,  the group were no longer competing in the UKAC and contributed to our victory with maximum points gained once more. Another clear win in 2020 our 10th year, the actual point differential to the second placed group was well in excess of a quarter of a million all down to what we are good at, team work. That means our group has claimed the win for five years in succession, never been done previously and will take some beating.

Over the years not only have 807 amassed a great number of certificates but also many of our members have achieved individual successes which is good to see. Lots of our members work single handed in isolation, a number in pairs or small groups. All keen keen on contesting, continually improving their stations within their budget and consequently adding greatly to the success of our group.

We have no subscriptions and nobody is obliged to take part in every contest, just when convenient to do so and we steer clear of radio club politics. Myself I am not usually a team player but find it far more enjoyable to be part of of a group rather than working just as an individual. If you are interested in contesting please consider joining our enthusiastic team. We welcome newcomers to contesting of all ages and abilities but do not take members from existing competing groups.

Our first 10 years has been exciting and successful. Not certain how our future will go, for sure it will not be dull. Contesting is fun - give it a try!

Robert G8BUN - Founding Member.

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